UAE, 13 September: The UAE Armed Forces will put on its largest-ever public demonstration in Sharjah on November 3, 2017, in a show that will highlight its role in safeguarding the security of the UAE, its citizens and residents..

The Union Fortress show highlights the distinctive capabilities of the armed forces in terms of its code of conduct, equipment and training to defend the supreme national interests and national security in close cooperation with the other security services in the various emirates.

The show will also emphasise the readiness, courage and professionalism of the armed forces to confront regional threats and all forms of challenges that may face the state and other GCC and Arab countries. This is reflected in the awareness and wisdom of the UAE leadership concerning the continuous threats and willingness to confront the instability in the region,which is designed to target the security of the country and its development and civilization.

Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Union Fortress Show,Brigadier General Mohammed Saeed Al Jabri, said the event is perfectly aligned with the spirit of the Union, values of unity, stability and solidarity that signify the UAE, and its people.

“The event shines the spotlight on the world-class tactical and strategic professionalism and extreme performance levels of the brave men and women who wear the UAE Armed Forces uniform with tremendous pride and who sacrifice so much for the safety, security and future of our country.

“Our valiant armed forces and what they represent in terms of solid military code, trained and qualified national personnel, and the world’s latest weaponry, have undoubtedly become one of the most important pillars of UAE security and unity, besides the continuous overall development in every field, and the highest priority of our wise leadership.

“Spectators will be presented with the perfect opportunity to witness, first-hand, the dedication and capabilities the armed forces show protecting the country, its citizens and residents every day. We are calling members of the public and residents to share in that pride and spirit of unity that underpins the development of an inclusive, tolerant society.”

The headline draw at the free-to-attend event will be a live-action scenario of a joint exercise featuring every skilled component of the country’s armed forces to shed light on their harmony and integration. The exercise will also witness live action scenarios that reflects the vast capabilities of the UAE Armed Forces in dealing with internal security in collaboration with other security systems in the UAE.