The Union Fortress event is an initiative by the UAE Armed Forces to demonstrate and highlight the role of our highly trained armed forces in safeguarding and securing the nation and its people. This is the 4th edition of Union Fortress event and will be the biggest-ever public demonstration of the UAE Armed Forces.

This joint-military exercise will showcase the expertise of the armed forces, their readiness, spirit and thorough professionalism in a number of different live-action battle scenarios including air-borne hostage rescue. An important aspect of this exercise is to portray the coordination and collaboration that the armed forces employ while dealing with security threats.

Due to the bad weather conditions, it was decided to postpone the military parade of the Union Fortress 5, which is organized by the armed forces in the emirate of Ajman until next Friday, 2019/03/08

Ajman, Al Zorah 8th of March 2019.
The event is open to all.

حصن الاتحاد Union fortress 2


The UAE Armed Forces is built on world-class tactics, technological expertise and thorough professionalism.


Reflected in commitment, pride and sacrifices of our brave soldiers, protecting our security and underpinning the development of our inclusive, tolerant and prosperous society.


Ensuring stability in our region, safeguarding the nation, and building enduring security for our people.



March 1st, 2019


  • Village Zone Area opens up with activities for families and children, food trucks are placed along the public areas.
  • Show starts
  • The VIP convoy is attacked by the terrorists and the guards handle the situation
  • Air bombing attack
  • Accessing the floating bridge and evacuation of the injured
  • Hostage extraction on AIRTEP basket - All forces exfiltrate
  • Aerial reconnaissance using UAV, opening of a command post that comprises of multi-armed forces
  • Air and sea attack on island
  • Tank and BMP attack
  • Honoring the flag activities
  • End of show


  • Event ends, Village Zone Area and food trucks close. Thank you for an amazing event.


The event is open to the public and no registration is required

Yes. Experience this action-packed event together with your friends and family.

Event admission is free.

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حصن الاتحاد Union fortress 2